how we produce your story

A well-told story takes care and a fresh approach.

As a first step, our film and video production company will seek out the heart and informational essence of your story. We’ll cross-check that with you through an indicative script and associated costs breakdown. This is how we REIMAGINE.

Once settled, we can move on to PRODUCE our clear and shared vision.

We take this same two step approach whether you’re in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Hobart … or any other part of Australia.

step 1

Develop Brief :
Consultation with all key players to fully understand their perspectives and the subject matter.

Find Story Details :
Further research and location visits enable the translation of your brief into a compelling indicative script for you to review and approve prior to the shoot.

Plan Schedule :
Thorough consideration of logistics with all involved will be the foundation for an enjoyable, efficient shoot.

Define Costs :
All of the above makes possible an accurate, realistic costing of the upcoming shoot and edit that is geared towards maximising the impact of your budget.

step 2

Shoot :
Our focus will be on capturing relaxed interview comments and plenty of exciting extra visuals to support them.

Edit :
This creative stage is when the visual narrative becomes more sophisticated with the addition of graphics, sourced footage and music.

The first cut provided to clients will be close to the mark however final tweaks are to be expected and can be easily accommodated.

Your video can be supplied along with whatever cutdown versions you need for your social media channels.

our promise

The video story we produce will resonate deeply with your intended audience and inspire their support.

It’ll be your story. Reimagined.


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