who we are

Reimagine Films is a film and video production company based in Melbourne, Australia. We invigorate change through producing film and video stories that bring to life the heart and ingenuity of innovative sustainability projects.

Our past clients include CSIRO, Clean Energy Council, ARENA (Australian Renewable Energy Agency), Sustainability Victoria and the Peter Cullen Water and Environment Trust. We promote the widespread recognition of innovative science, industry development and government practice that respects our role as custodians of our natural environment.

Steve Doyle : producer & director

I’ve always been interested in what people do and why. After many years in the freelance film and TV industry, I re-focused my work on what matters most to me: a sustainable future.

Through REIMAGINE FILMS, I bring emotional storytelling techniques to subject matter that is more than just information. It is through sharing your story’s humanity and sense of place that you are most likely to generate the interest and support you seek.

Together with my trusted team of cinematographers, editors and animators, I translate these stories of change into videos that inspire and invigorate.


Given most REIMAGINE FILMS projects are shot regionally or interstate, I’ve developed a trusted network of cinematographers from Broome to Brisbane and down through the Eastern states and across Victoria. This minimises travel costs while maintaining high production values.

As appropriate for the project, I work with motion graphics artists, colourists and sound mixers.